EOD graduation

EOD graduation
Oct. 20, 2011

Monday, April 30, 2012

A B C's of handling hurtful people

Wow, I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted on my blog. Susan must be very disappointed in me. Well, if she says anything about it, I'll remind her that it's been quite awhile since I've read anything about life in her cubicle...and her cubicle life has become a lot more exciting, interesting, fun, and fulfilling lately!

Yesterday was a Sunday of beauty from start to finish. It was one of those cloudless blue-sky days--you just want to take pictures, just to take pictures! It was the perfect backdrop to Nanny's first outing away from the nursing home. (She suffered a stroke on March 17, but has recovered to the point of walking with a walker and has her speech back...just spending a few more weeks in an assistance facility for a little more PT, OT, and ST. ) 

Before we even left home yesterday morning, Nanny texted Steve that she was ready to go and was waiting for us in the reception area. We chuckled at that...clearly, she couldn't wait for some time on the outside! We picked her up and set off for the lengthy drive to her church. She surprised her church family, and they were very welcoming of her and of Steve and me since it was our first time there. It's a really small church, but well organized and they clearly love the Lord, their work, and each other. It was refreshing to be there and sweet to see everyone greeting Nanny with love and smiles!

After church we went next door to Gordon's (Nanny's choice) for lunch. HUGE salads! I guess Steve's waffles earlier in the day and an appetizer of  lobster bisque filled us up too much because I had to box most of my chef salad, and Steve couldn't finish his wonderful Pittsburgh salad either. (Who knew that a Pittsburgh salad has french fries and steak strips on top? YUM!)

Nanny wanted to go back to our house after that, so she spent the remainder of the day there...successfully navigated the bathroom on her own (twice!), reunited with her computer, held a chinchilla, patted the dogs, napped on the couch, and enjoyed soup and sandwiches with us before heading back to the facility. It was a great day out for her, and encouraging for us because we realized that yes, assisting her when she comes home will be quite doable even in our postage-stamp-sized house.

A crowning touch to the day was a phone call from my mother. Recently our family suffered some cruel words--again--from someone that claims friendship and a shared faith. Not the first time this happened with these people, either. My mom knew we have been struggling with this...it's not fair, they're hypocrites, why don't they leave us alone...that kind of thing. I mean, we're talking about US! We are like the most easy-going people EVER. Who could possibly treat us with such venomous words and spirit, and what right do they have, anyway? Yes, a little pride definitely entered into the picture, I think. So Mom called and shared an amazingly timely message that she had heard from a guest speaker on that beautiful Sunday morning in the Sunday School hour at her church. The A B C's of handling hurtful people! I just have to share them with you in case you, too, have been in a situation like we recently were. I am going to copy these down, carry them in my Bible, maybe write them on my forehead, and hopefully never forget them...especially when I need them...for I surely will need them again, I'm certain. The italics below are my thoughts...and as you can see, the struggle isn't over yet, but I know the truth, and I'm working on it...I'm getting there!

Accept the way they are. You don't have the power to change them. (If only!)
Believe they are valuable to the Lord. *sigh*
Care that their daily needs are met.(Pray for them)
Desire God's best for them (continue to pray for them...ugh! That's hard to do! )
Erase all of their offenses. (But it would be so much more fun to tell my friends what they said!)

Some people are hard to love. Don't retaliate with words and tone such as theirs. Don't lower yourself to their level. * Don't be bitter, be better! *

We didn't get to our own church at all that beautiful Sunday, but the little message above was exactly what we needed that day...and in the week to come...and for the rest of our lives! And before I close...if I have ever offended any of you with my words or attitude, please accept my sincere apology. In the situation we recently suffered through, the words were intentional and they were meant to jab and sting. In my case, I don't mean to offend...it just happens through foot-in-mouth disease! I am sure I have mistakenly hurt some of my dearest friends at some time or another, but none of you have ever retaliated by spewing forth venom, and I thank you for that. I will continue to strive to make my everyday words more like "apples of gold in pictures of silver".  :-)

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  1. I am so glad to read one of your blogs again....and you featured me in the first paragraph!! :-)) What a wonderful friend. Very thoughtful blog...I'm proud of you!